Live @ Sanctuary

Do you want to instruct classes in person again within a safe and beautiful space that takes care of all the logistics?

You’re in the right place.

We are currently accepting applications from teachers, like you, who want to offer in-person classes that nourish their community.
Learn How to Apply

A premium, personal, and fully immersive experience—Sanctuary stands as one of the most unique offerings in the wellness landscape.

“It is such a beautiful space with Covid protocols in place, and your rooms are quiet.”
Paula S. / Sound Meditation Instructor ~

If you are an instructor

of any wellness modality that...

  • Wants to rent space per class, not in bulk.
  • Is looking for a customized-to-your-needs experience with high quality props.
  • Craves working with an experienced staff that creates a trusted experience.
  • Aspires to up-level your practice in a space that has thoughtful details, caring staff and soundproof rooms.

Then you are eligible to apply.

"My clients walk into a beautiful space that instantly invokes an ambiance of care and healing. They are greeted by warm and friendly docents who immediately offer them water or a pot of tea, and every client is literally blown away walking into the private studio. Offering sessions at Sanctuary elevates the entire experience I can offer my clients.
Tai H. / Breathwork Facilitator ~

You bring your magic. We’ll do the rest.

How it works

Seamlessly book a class, send invitations to clients or students and get paid, all through your own Instructor Dashboard within the Sanctuary App.

An intimate, turn-key and best-in-class experience.

Live @ Sanctuary support provided for every class:

  • Effortless student enrollment through the App.
  • Immediate payment through Stripe integration.
  • A beautiful studio environment set to your specifications and cleaned afterward.
  • Access to showers with Sangre de Fruta amenities
  • High quality mats and props for you and everyone enrolled to use.
  • Tea service upon arrival for every guest.
  • Customizable features, including: student pricing, studio temperature, immersive backdrops, aromatherapy, your choice of Sanctuary-curated soundtracks or bring your own playlist to connect to our Sonos (Group Studio Only).
  • Flexibility to schedule, reschedule and/or cancel up to 24 hours before your start time.
“The Sanctuary team always makes me feel at ease and lets me focus on creating a superb class rather than all the technical details of handing student enrollment, confirmation emails, etc.”
~ Hannah F. / Yoga Instructor

Booking Fee

Private Studio

You + up to 2 students / clients

$50 | 90 minutes

5 min Welcome Screen, 55 min Immersive Backdrop, 30 min Immersive Countdown

Group Studio

You + up to 9 students / clients

$60 | 90 minutes

5 min Welcome Screen, 55 min Immersive Backdrop, 30 min Immersive Countdown

Student Fees

You choose how much to charge your clients/students and that full amount will be directly deposited into your Stripe account.

You also have an option to charge your students through an already existing platform and simply receive enrollments through your Sanctuary Instructor Dashboard.

I'm Interested
I wanted to lead my sessions at Sanctuary because of the attention to detail, and when details are accounted for, it is easier to completely focus on my service.
Kat L. / Tarot Reader, Energy Healer, Reiki Master ~

How to apply

    1. Complete the form below to receive an application link.

    2. Submit your application.

    3. Receive approval within 48 hours to set up your Instructor Dashboard.

    4. Book your first class.

    Live @ Sanctuary featuring YOU

    Currently only available in our Lower Queen Anne location.