Sanctuary – Tai Hubbert

Tai Hubbert

Tai is an experienced breathwork facilitator and teacher of yoga and meditation, and has been guiding immersive healing journeys for over a decade. Her facilitation is equally grounded in the somatic aspects of healing – tending to the experience of the body and nervous system – as well as the expanded dimensions of awareness, and guiding experiences of self-discovery that help people connect to a deeper wisdom within. Her path and approach is informed by somatic psychotherapy (including trauma work, Internal Family Systems, and Hakomi psychotherapy), Yoga (Tantra and Śaivism), Buddhism, meditation (Zen and Vipassana), psychedelic-assisted therapies, and core Shamanism. Learn more about Tai at “Tai is masterful at bringing people into space and holding a safe container for deep work.” “Tai is an amazing healer, gentle yet powerful.”