Frequently Asked Questions

We hear you. And have anticipated the questions you most want answered. If you have a question that we have not answered here, please call or text our docents at (206) 909-5101.

Booking Questions

I want to book my first session.

Welcome. We are so glad you’re interested in exploring your inner landscape at Sanctuary. Book your first session by simply following the steps below.

  • Download our app (Sanctuary Wellness)
  • Create a Sanctuary account
  • Peruse through our 50+ classes to find the one that meets the needs of your body, mind, and soul at any given time.
  • Once you find a class that feels right, click Book Now.
  • Then make your desired choices for the following:
    • Temperature:
      • Low (70’s ℉)
      • Medium (80’s ℉s)
      • High (90’s ℉)
    • Scent:
      • Sanctuary’s Signature Aromatherapy Blend: Grounding and uplifting, with notes of spikenard, palmarosa, cedar, vetiver, ylang ylang, and oakmoss. Blended exclusively for Sanctuary by Sangre de Fruta.
      • If you are pregnant, we recommend consulting a doctor before use.
    • Soundtrack:
      • Recommended (most popular): A perfectly curated soundtrack for the class that you choose.
      • Powerful
      • Energizing
      • Chilled
      • Atmospheric
  • Location: Currently, Seattle is our only location, however stay tuned for future expansion.
  • Studio Size: 1–2 guests or 2-6 guests
  • Date: You can book a session up to a month in advance. Once you choose the day that works best for you, the available times will appear.
  • Time: Choose your desired time.
  • Press Continue
  • Double check your choices, then Confirm your class.

This booking will then show up in your Upcoming Sessions list, where you can make edits to the class, temperature, soundtrack or scent.

I would like to edit my booked session.

Edits to your session options can be made in the app under My Sanctuary > Upcoming Sessions.

  • Any changes to class, temperature, soundtrack and scent options can be made through the booking in your Upcoming Sessions tab.
  • If you wish to make changes to the time and day of your session that starts in more than 24 hours, you will need to cancel your booked session and reschedule for the desired time and day. No credits will be forfeited.
  • If you wish to reschedule your session that starts within 24 hours, go ahead and call or text the docent at (206) 909-5101 to get their assistance, as we have a 24 hour Cancellation Policy.

I want to invite friends to join my session.

We love when our guests bring their friends for a group session.

In either studio size you can invite your friends to join.

  • After you’ve confirmed your booking, you will see a button that says Invite Friend. Click that and a pop up will appear where you can enter your friend’s email address.
  • Sanctuary will then send your friend an email to accept your invite.

I’ve been invited to a session.

To accept the invitation, you will need a Sanctuary Account with credits on your account.

One (1) session credit is needed to accept an invite. Credits can be added to your account in one of three ways.

I want to book a private studio for two people.

Sharing a private studio with one other person is the perfect way to connect 1:1.

For an additional person to join your session in a private studio, they will need one (1) session credit on their account to accept your invitation. 

Once your friend has a registered account, you can,

Once you book a session in the 1-2 People studio size and Confirm your booking, you will see a button that says Invite Friend. Click that button and a pop up will appear where you will be able to enter your friend’s email address.  

I want to surprise my friend.

Sharing your Sanctuary is such a gift.

  • Please text our docents at (206) 909-5101 to let them know that you're bringing in someone whom you have not invited yet, but will be joining you. 
  • We ask that you arrive 5-10 minutes before your start time, so that everyone can create an account (AKA signing our terms and conditions) before you begin.
  • Once all guests have an account setup, we can easily transfer credits between accounts as needed.

I want to fill the group studio with friends.

The more, the merrier, as the saying goes.

When you book the 2-6 People studio size, you can invite up to five (5) friends, for a total of 6 people including you. Once you confirm your booking, you'll be able to send out invitation emails to everyone you want to join you. 

Please note, that each guest will need an account set up with credits on their account before they can accept your invitation. 

I want to know what studio I will be in.

Whether you like a private studio with the hottest heat or the group studio that gives you more space or want to book back-to-back sessions, we get it. See the grid below for the session times in each of our three studios.

STUDIO A - private studio

1 - 2 people | En suite bathroom









STUDIO B - private studio

1 - 2 people | En suite bathroom










STUDIO C - group studio

2 - 6 people | Two adjacent bathrooms









Pricing Questions

What are my pricing options?

Welcome Package*

2 Session Credits | 50% off


*one per guest, not available for gifting

Individual Session Credit



We'll add session credits to your account each month so they're ready for you to use.

6 Sessions Membership

$210 billed monthly

6 session credits

every 30 days

Extra session credits

$35 each

12 Session Membership

$360 billed monthly

12 session credits

every 30 days

Extra session credits

$30 each

I want to treat my friends to a group session.

How nice of you.

There are two ways you can send your friends credits to accept your invitations.

Once your friends have accounts registered, you can,

Live @ Sanctuary Program

I want to lead in-person classes at Sanctuary.

We would love to have you guide your students in our space. To learn how to inquire more, click here.