Sanctuary – Yoga Flow – A Calm Moment

A Calm Moment

A Calm Moment series consists of 5 practices that soften tension inside the body and mind. These classes are ordered from most active, Breeze Flow, to least active, Rest and Relaxation. Take a moment to reset your being and feel restored to re-enter the world.

Classes in Series

Yoga Flow  |  Clara Roberts-Oss  |  Basic

Breeze Flow

This slow Hatha program was designed to open your hips on all sides. Whether you’ve been sitting at a desk all day, just got off any airplane, or just want to slow things down, this class will leave you feeling calm and spacious. 50 minute class | 80 minute session | Filmed in Av Revolucion, Sayulita, Mexico

Restorative Yoga  |  Sarah Goble  |  Basic

Back Magic

This restorative class combines the alchemy of breath, movement, and stillness to relieve back tension. With targeted stretches for the hips, hamstrings and back muscles, Back Magic is the perfect release from any stiffness after an extended period of time spent in a stationary position. Low intensity | 50 minute class | 80 minute session | Filmed at the John Day Fossil Beds—Blue Basin, Oregon

Yin Yoga  |  Nico Luce  |  Basic

The Inner Field

Open the shoulders and release tension on the front body through supported backbends. Get ready to chill with an open heart. Low intensity | 50 minute class | 80 minute session | Filmed at Berber EcoLodge, Demnate, Morocco

Meditation  |  Yoga Behind Bars  |  Basic

Nature's Rhythm

In this Nature’s Rhythm meditation we will focus on dropping into our body sensations, imagining experiences in the natural world through visualization, and exploring the idea of connecting to something greater than ourselves. The Nature's Rhythm meditation is great if you are looking to feel more grounded and connected to your senses and the natural world around you. 10% of revenue from this class is donated to Yoga Behind Bars. | 50 minute class | 80 minute session

Yoga Nidra  |  Ally Bogard  |  Basic

Rest and Relaxation

Yoga Nidra is the science of complete relaxation, often referred to as yogic sleep. True relaxation is the doorway to maximize you health and wellbeing and positively reshape your unconscious and subconscious mind. It is key to bringing thought into form. 40 minute class | 70 minute session | Thailand immersive backdrop