Sanctuary – Sound Healing – Solar


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An audiovisual experience dedicated to the life-giving power of the sun. The golden yellow chromotherapy in this experience is associated with the solar plexus, and a healthy sense of personal power. Experience frequencies of sound and light to assist you in clearing and attuning you electro-magnetic biofield that emanates mainly from your heart and brain, also know as your aura, chakra system, chi, or life force. Feel a cathartic clearing of blockages in emotions, mind, spirit, and body, and shifts in creative consciousness. Designed to result in feeling refreshed, centered, and relaxed with a deeper connection to your heart and intuition. Recorded by MIM Music Collective, featuring voice activations by Zia Sunseri, Rafe Pearlman, & SORNE. 50 min class | 80 min session

Sound Healing
Creativity Boosting
Clearing Blockages

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