Sanctuary – Breathwork – An Awake Moment

An Awake Moment

An Awake Moment consists of 5 classes that revitalize your natural energy. Take the time to practice any of these to heighten your vibration and feel more alive and enthusiastic. These classes are in order of most physically energizing, Twist and Thrive, to increasing your energy through active rest in Up Your Vibration.

Classes in Series

Yoga Flow  |  Sarah Goble  |  Intermediate

Twist and Thrive

Explore twists in all directions to help enliven your spine and regulate digestion. Twists also encourage you to acknowledge and move through mental, physical, and emotional layers—don't be surprised if you have some breakthroughs during this energetic flow class. Be prepared to move, be challenged and go deep on every level. High intensity | 50 minute class | 80 minute session | Filmed at the John Day Fossil Beds—Painted Hills Unit, Oregon

Yoga Flow  |  Clara Roberts-Oss  |  Basic

Internal Heat 1

Ignite internal heat through breathwork, core cultivation, and a heating sequence to transform body and mind. Expect twists, hip openers, and longer holds. For those with a basic understanding of yoga. Low intensity | 50 minute class | 80 minute session | Filmed in Carricitos, Mexico

Breathwork  |  Tai Hubbert  |  Basic

Breathwork for Insight and Inspiration

Breathwork is a powerful and accessible modality for entering expanded states of awareness and consciousness, in which profound insight, clarity, and understanding can be experienced. In this session, you will be guided in an active breathwork journey to access the depth of wisdom and creative inspiration within, and to rekindle your connection to the vast possibility, potential, and beauty of life. | 50-minute class | 80-minute session | Filmed in the Okanogan-Wenatchee Forest, WA | Contraindications: As this type of breathwork can activate strong physiological and psychological shifts, it is not recommended in this format for those who are pregnant, or who have histories of high blood pressure, epilepsy, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, dissociative disorders, or more significant trauma or PTSD.

Sound Healing  |  Zia Sunseri  |  Basic


An audiovisual experience dedicated to the life-giving power of the sun. The golden yellow chromotherapy in this experience is associated with the solar plexus, and a healthy sense of personal power. Experience frequencies of sound and light to assist you in clearing and attuning you electro-magnetic biofield that emanates mainly from your heart and brain, also know as your aura, chakra system, chi, or life force. Feel a cathartic clearing of blockages in emotions, mind, spirit, and body, and shifts in creative consciousness. Designed to result in feeling refreshed, centered, and relaxed with a deeper connection to your heart and intuition. Recorded by MIM Music Collective, featuring voice activations by Zia Sunseri, Rafe Pearlman, & SORNE. 50 min class | 80 min session

Yoga Nidra  |  Ally Bogard  |  Basic

Up Your Vibration

This yoga nidra will move you into a state of rest and relaxation to help increase your personal vibrancy, lifting your overall energetic vibration and aligning your physical and energetic body with its natural and strong life force. 40 minute class | 70 minute session | Jellyfish immersive backdrop