Sanctuary Combines Safety, Tech, and Luxury for the Ultimate Private Wellness Studios


Seattle, Wash., July 7, 2020 – Last Fall, Sanctuary Studios, Inc., opened their showcase location in Seattle, creating a new category in the field of wellness: technology enabled micro-retreats. Inside individual wellness studios, Sanctuary guests enjoy on-demand virtual content including yoga, sound baths, guided meditations, and more. Each 200- to 400-square-foot private studio is outfitted with a 14-foot-wide projection screen where guests view pre-recorded, Sanctuary-produced content taught by instructors in stunning locations around the world. Now, with many in-person yoga, mindfulness, and fitness offerings off the table amidst COVID-19, Sanctuary is poised to offer a safe way to engage in personal wellness outside the home.

Sanctuary’s private wellness studios are reserved via an app that allows guests to fully customize their own micro-retreat — from class content, to session time, aromatherapy, and ideal temperature. Although Sanctuary is designed to facilitate single person and group sessions for up to six people, Sanctuary is currently offering only private sessions and two-person group sessions. Sessions are spaced such that there is never more than one or two guests checking in at a time, and studios are sanitized to CDC standards between every session, including a full refresh cycle of the air in the studio. While Sanctuary offers yoga mats and blocks for each session which are thoroughly sanitized before each use, guests are welcome to bring their own mat and props.

Upon entering Sanctuary, guests will immediately feel transported to their own private micro-retreat, as the studio’s luxe décor designed by Mithun combines rich textures, dramatic lighting, and bold, saturated color to create an immersive experience that is the ultimate in wellness. Sanctuary’s leading-edge, cinematic audio and video experience brings the world’s most engaging teachers and inspiring wellness content into each studio. Filmed in stunning locations around the globe, current class offerings include yoga, meditation, yoga nidra, and sound healing and are ever expanding.

“With Sanctuary, we sought to create a rich and immersive experience that allows each guest to transport themselves from their daily environment to some of the most beautiful places in the world,” says founder Robert Martin. “Once you’ve set up your experience through the app and walk into the studio, the technology that underpins the experience melts away. Our aim is to help our guests fully disconnect from the many distractions of daily life as they engage in their own pursuit of mindfulness. Sanctuary is a place where people can come heal from the collective trauma we’re currently experiencing.”

Offering an environment completely controlled by software and hardware automation, a Sanctuary studio can be centrally managed and operated with little to no human interaction. The startup’s centralized control center in Seattle is fully equipped to oversee and manage the entire Sanctuary experience regardless of any studio’s location, allowing Sanctuary’s in-studio docents to focus on the guests’ experience.

Sanctuary studios are currently bookable by guests at its Seattle showcase location via the Sanctuary app, listed under “Sanctuary Wellness” in the app store. Studios offer a range of tailored options so each guest can create an individual micro-retreat experience, including:

  • Completely customized class content, including yoga, yoga nidra, sound healing, and meditation.
  • Curated aromatherapy to relax and ground, with plans to incorporate additional natural blends in the future.
  • Temperature ranging from low (70–79°) to medium (80–89°) to high (90–99°).
  • Completely private studio practice rooms.
  • Luxe bathrooms stocked with Sangre de Fruta products, Dyson hair dryers, and Brooklinen towels.

“The interior design at Sanctuary unfolds as a sensory journey from the moment guests arrive to create a transformative escape. The design incorporates biophilic principles, including natural organic materials that encourage a sense of wellbeing. Details like advanced lighting and acoustic control enhance the immersive studio experience,” says Mithun partner Lisa Scribante.


Sanctuary Studios, Inc. offers the world’s first technology-enabled, immersive wellness studio, allowing anyone to create their own micro-retreat in a private spa-like environment. Founded in 2018 in Seattle, Washington, Sanctuary brings the world’s most engaging teachers and inspiring wellness content into each studio through a leading-edge cinematic audio and video experience. Showcasing content filmed in stunning locations around the globe, initial class offerings include yoga, meditation, yoga nidra, and sound healing. Each Sanctuary session can be personalized through an app, allowing control over a selection of adjustable elements from content to temperature. Founded by a passionate group of wellness enthusiasts and technologists, Sanctuary is a place to help guests fully disconnect from the many distractions of daily life as they engage in their own pursuit of mindfulness. For more information, visit


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