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Benefits of Sound Healing

by Sanctuary Studios on 06/22/2022
Posted in Sound Healing

“We know from quantum physics that everything in the universe including ourselves is vibration. And sound is of course vibration- so we are in a way, made of sound.” ~Jessica Caplan

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Conscious Connected Breathing: What to Expect

by Sanctuary Studios on 03/31/2022
Posted in Breathwork

Inhale into the belly, into the chest, and exhale out. These three parts are the premise of conscious connected breathing which begins to slowly flow energy through your body. The experience is unique and if you’ve never tried this style of active Breathwork, here’s exactly what you can expect.

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Live @ Sanctuary Q&A with Hannah Franke

by Sanctuary Studios on 01/21/2022

It was such a pleasure to connect with Hannah Franke last week as she has been an integral part of our Sanctuary community since we opened our doors in October 2019. She started leading yoga classes in our studios during the pandemic when the other studios she taught at stopped having in-person classes. Keep reading to learn more about her experience being a yoga instructor during this time and how Sanctuary has supported her throughout this major transition.

~Much gratitude, Emily Kasman, Expansion Director at Sanctuary

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