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Daily Rituals to Calm, Center, and Awaken

by Emily Kasman on 10/17/2022

How familiar is this scenario?

Rubbing your eyes sleepily while listening to the alarm go off for the 3rd time. Grabbing for the phone in your dark bedroom to scroll mindlessly over accounts of people that you don’t know IRL, but you do know that they somehow instantly deplete your natural energy levels.

Pouring your first cup of coffee while running out the door (or to your home office/bedroom/couch) to catch the first meeting of the day a few minutes late. Finding yourself distracted by all the notifications, email, social media, texts, or phone calls from spam numbers.
Eating lunch while catching up on all the tasks associated with each of those notifications.

Then a couple hours later, finding yourself sipping a 3rd (or 4th) cup of lukewarm coffee and noshing on a leftover doughnut to power through your afternoon slump.
Rushing home (or pulling yourself away from your computer) to pour yourself a tall glass of wine and eat some quick takeout in front of the television, while staying up for 3 episodes too long and way past your ideal bedtime.

Crawling under the covers, you tell yourself to only scroll for 5 minutes, when in actuality those 5 minutes turn into 55 minutes and those catchy songs loop over and over in your head as you attempt to fall asleep to feel rested for the next day when you rub your eyes sleepily while listening to the alarm go off for the 3rd time.

Feeling stuck in a mindless, going-through-the-motions rut happens to the best of us. We all encounter distractions, busyness, and stress throughout the day, but reviving your day in small, chosen-by-you increments can inspire life back into your daily rhythm. By looking at your typical day in bite sized pieces, you’ll start to recognize the obstacles that hold you back from feeling the ways you want to.

  • Wake Up: What do you love about your morning routines? Where can you envision change?
  • Mid-Morning: What distracts you in the mid morning? How do you want to feel at this time of day?
  • Lunch: What’s great about your lunchtime routine? What can you improve?
  • Afternoon: How do you waste your afternoon? How do you use your natural energy during this time of day?
  • Evening: What is your favorite unwinding technique? How do you want your evening to be different?
  • Bedtime: What prevents you from getting to bed on time? How do you want to feel right before you go to bed?

When you split your day into these six sections, you start to understand just how often you prioritize your schedule, rather than scheduling your priorities. The following rituals may inspire calmer, more centered moments of being awake throughout your day.

Calming Daily Rituals

Gentle reminders to soothe an overactive mind and overwhelming schedule. Choose any of these rituals when you're craving some calm in your day.

Wake Up: Rise and shine without an alarm, if even once per month.

Mid Morning: Count your breaths.

Inhale, say to yourself, “I am breathing in, One.”
Exhale, say to yourself, “I am breathing out, One.”
Next inhale, “I am breathing in, Two.”
And exhale, “I am breathing out, Two.”
Repeating until you arrive at Ten. Or a number that helps you find a sense of calm.

Lunch: Put your utensil down between bites.

Afternoon: Rest your mind with a Yoga Nidra practice. We recommend Up Your Vibration.

Evening: Take a walk.

Bedtime: Sip a calming, herbal tea.

Centering Daily Rituals

For those moments when you feel like you’re caught in a storm of external energy or never-ending internal wanderings, come to these rituals to bring you back into balance.

Wake Up: Practice gratitude. Write down or mindfully repeat to yourself 3 things that you are grateful for upon waking.

Mid Morning: Turn off all notifications for 30 minutes.

Lunch: Eat away from your computer.

Afternoon: Single-task to complete one item on your ta-da list.

Evening: Set the table for your evening meal, especially if it’s just for one.

Bedtime: Plug-in your device away from reach before you go to bed.

Awakening Daily Rituals

Generate a natural increase to your energy with these simple, and enjoyable, rituals.

Wake Up: Get sunlight.

Mid Morning: Drink a glass of water and eat a light snack.

Lunch: Share your lunchtime with a colleague or friend.

Afternoon: Take a dance break.

Evening: Create something; dinner, a poem, coloring page, a conversation.

Bedtime: Write down all thoughts swirling in your mind before turning the lights off.

These rituals might simply be the start to a larger conversation on trusting yourself, creating new rules to live by and eliminating excuses. It’s never too late to start.

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