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7 benefits of practicing yoga in a private studio

by Sanctuary Studios on 12/08/2021
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Today in America, yoga studios are plentiful, diverse in their offerings, teachers and classes. However, there aren't many spaces for private yoga studios. About 28% of all Americans have participated in a yoga class at some point in their lives and 75% believe that “yoga is good for you.” As a mainstream wellness practice, the pros and cons of yoga are commonly discussed, including the logistics of attending a yoga class. For example, have you ever rushed to a class because you were worried about not finding a good spot so you could see and hear the teacher? Have you ever found yourself next to someone who may have forgotten about the yogic principle of saucha? Should you just stay home and do a class online?

The solution you might never have thought to look into before is at Sanctuary, your own place to bend, breath or just be. Launched in Seattle in 2018, Sanctuary is your very own private yoga studio for renewing your spirit through guided rest or energizing movement.

Every choice you make for how you want to spend your time is yours. When you book a class using the Sanctuary app, you customize class type, class location, soundtrack, temperature, and aromatherapy to support your own practice intentions. After each class, you have plentiful “free time” to rejuvenate in an extended Savasana or luxuriate in the en-suite rainfall shower stocked with sustainable Sangre de Fruta botanical products. guest makes th

Sanctuary is safe, clean and COVID-compliant

While many of us have not been able to return to community studios, at Sanctuary the studio is always just for you (and up to 5 friends if you prefer to share a practice in our group studio). Health and safety are important to us. We adhere to and require guests to follow CDC guidelines. However, each studio and private ensuite bath is an exclusive domain for guests to drop their masks and take full unobstructed breaths. In addition to welcoming each guest by name, our helpful guest docents are there to ensure that each studio is cleaned, sanitized and ventilated between each session.

Bend, breathe and just be - in private

When you arrive at Sanctuary and step into the soothing comfort of the space, there is an immediate sense of pause. In your own private yoga studio, you are invited to move at your own pace, your own breath and are given the time and space to explore your own natural biorhythms. Choose from a wide variety of expertly curated classes to bend, breathe or just be.

No Comparisons or Competition

It’s a totally normal human trait to compare oneself to someone else, after all it’s something we learned at a very young age in order to develop a sense of ourselves, referred to as “social comparison theory.” Good traits to learn! But in a yoga studio, this might be translating into how you compare your yoga abilities to the person next to you. In your private Sanctuary studio, it’s just you and your practice.

Make the posture your own

Your version of downward dog is your version of downward dog. Do you prefer to take the pose against the wall or perhaps with a wider stance for your belly breaths to feel more comfortable? Every aspect of this yoga class is entirely yours. No need to worry about tripping over someone to get to the bathroom or interrupting their practice when you rearrange your mat and blocks. And more important than how you think you look—how do you feel when you explore each posture?

Practice on your own schedule

Even though most of us are striving for more balance, modern life is just plain hectic. At Sanctuary, practice on your own schedule - not the teacher’s or pre-set class schedule. Choose from a thoughtfully curated content library featuring world-class teachers and over 65 different classes to support an embodied presence and clear mind, including yoga, meditation, sound bath, breathwork, and yoga nidra. If you arrive at Sanctuary feeling like you need an entirely different class than what you originally chose, like a nurturing sound bath instead of a heated vinyasa flow, our friendly docents can change it up in a heartbeat- just say the word.

Deeper reflection

Private spaces (do you even have one!?) are conducive to some of the most profound benefits of a yoga practice - deep reflection and personal insight. If your practice includes conscious, mindful breathing, this intuition can become louder. The patterns and qualities of our breath tell us so much about the state of our nervous system and heart rate. Without the conscious distractions that happen in a group yoga class, you have more room to reflect and connect body to breath, heart to soul. While the curated experience projected on an HD screen the size of the room offers you a path, you determine how you walk it.

Trauma-Informed Safe Space

For people living with any experience of recurrent trauma (especially those who have to daily manage symptoms related to PTSD, anxiety, depression, and stress) and for millions of us who develop coping mechanisms for just getting through the day, public spaces for engaging in safe, supportive healing modalities are hard to find. Sanctuary’s private studios offer a safe space for whatever emotions may rise to the surface. We collaborated with nonprofit community leaders, Yoga Behind Bars, to produce a series of trauma-informed meditations with gentle movement called “Come as you Are.” We share their definition and purpose of trauma-informed yoga as part of a deeply restorative and lifelong healing process and invite you to experience these beautifully supportive sessions.

So come, bend, breathe and just be. In private. You will love yoga all over again and experience things you had no idea you needed in your practice.

Guest Testimonials

“I love yoga! However, I am not well practiced and fairly inflexible. Sometimes large yoga classes can be really intimidating to me and prevent me from taking my time and being mindful and present in class.”

“80 minutes of no one saying “mom,” no dog on my yoga mat, and no thoughts of “I really need to vacuum this rug” is incredibly cathartic. Thank you for giving me a quiet space to find some inner peace!"

“I love Sanctuary. Their app is also extremely easy to use. I love the calming environment, the classes. It’s a mental pause from the hustle and bustle of life to focus on self. I love doing yoga in their beautiful rooms by myself. I’m able to focus solely on myself and settle deeper.”

Sanctuary is the most personal, immersive wellness studio experience in the universe.