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3 Tea Rituals to Calm, Center, or Energize

by Emily Kasman on 09/18/2022
Posted in Meditation

Rituals and practice have been an integral part of ancient contemplative traditions for thousands of years. Humans have passed on and shared methods and tools to support the heart-mind grounding and centering.

One of the things we’ve learned from neuroscience is that how we do something is as important as the actual doing of it. As Dr. Dan Siegle says, “when we cultivate a state, it becomes a trait.” Or as Canadian neuropsychologist, Donal Hebb, says, “neurons that fire together wire together” so as we practice moving through the world in a gentle and curious way, we - in a measurable way - are wired to favor softness and inquiry.

Serving tea with intention is a simple but potent ritual that, over time, when practiced regularly, will have an impact on your neural architecture and influence your mood, your immune system and your resiliency.

Calming Tea Ritual

Tea can enliven your senses in a way that cultivates holistic awareness of the present moment. Use this tea ritual to connect to each sense next time you receive tea service.

Sanctuary's Calm Tea Blend: A soothing herbal tonic of turmeric, sunroot, wood betony, and orange peel. By Miro Tea


Swirl the loose tea in the teapot. Watch as the different elements twirl and alter the hue of the water over time.


Listen to the brewed tea as you pour it from the teapot into the mug.


Feel the weight and warmth of the cup in your hands. Connect your fingertips with the natural earthy qualities of the artisan-created vessel in your hands.


Smell the essence of each ingredient through the steam lifting into your nostrils.


Allow for the tea to linger on your tongue. What flavors stand out to you the most?

Centering Tea Ritual

Choosing to take a few moments to focus on one item, such as your tea or a specific area of your body, may have a greater influence on bringing you back to balance. Give yourself permission to use this tea ritual to spend uninterrupted time with yourself, and your tea.

Sanctuary's Centered Tea Blend: Grounded and easeful, with rose, Tulsi, hibiscus, lavender, and nettles. By Miro Tea

Upon check-in for your session, request that you have 10 minutes before your class starts. This will allow you to be uninterrupted for at least 5 minutes. Turn off notifications or anything that could interrupt you.

Prepare your tea and hold it quietly in your hands.

Slowly take a sip of tea and hold it softly in your mouth. Notice the sensations on your tongue. Gently swallow.

After the next five mindful sips, inhale fully, expanding your belly and rib cage.

As you exhale, release tension in the following areas of your body.

  1. Soften your face: the space between your eyebrows, your jaw, let your cheeks feel heavy and your lips feel plump.
  2. Relax your shoulders: broaden through your chest, drop your shoulders from your ears, ease the space between your shoulder blades
  3. Soothe your abdomen: release any holding or tightness, allow your belly to fully expand with this inhale.
  4. Ground your hips: dissolve any act of squeezing your glutes, hips or upper legs, prop yourself up as necessary to feel comfortable.
  5. Notice your feet: lighten their load by relaxing your toes and melting any stress held in the soles.

Know that in these moments nothing is so urgent it can’t wait a few minutes.

Energizing Tea Ritual

Building sustainable energy isn’t always easy, however utilizing a mindful ritual during your day can support any energetic slump you may experience. Practice this energizing tea ritual to invigorate your body, mind and spirit.

Sanctuary's Awake Tea Blend: An invigorating blend of lemongrass, peppermint, spearmint, and green tea. By Miro Tea

For the two minutes while your tea is brewing, close your eyes and set an intention to feel awake.

  • As you inhale, say to yourself, “I feel awake.” or “I feel vibrant.” or “I am energized.”
  • As you exhale, say to yourself, “I have what I need.”

You’ll be surprised at how a simple two minute affirmation practice can help you feel more motivated and alive.

Our inner and outer environments are inextricably connected. Both influence physiological processes and can be trained, through rituals such as these, and cultivated to support feeling calm, centered and energized.

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