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Sanctuary's Guides to Flourish in Spring

by Emily Kasman on 05/03/2022

Does spring bring out the best in you? Or do the increasingly wet days aggravate your state of mind? Perhaps it’s simply a reminder of new growth.

When I close my eyes and visualize spring, I am overcome by the promise of hope, growth, and renewal. The birds return to wake me with their song as I take in the brighter sky and warmer air. The slowly budding daffodils, tulips, and deciduous trees come back to life, reminding me to be patient with progress. My olfactory sense smiles in response to the daphne, jasmine and cherry blossoms bursting with sweetness that beg me to bury my nose deep within their petals. Natural life seems to be in balance during spring, which inspires me to find ways to stay in balance as well.

We all have different physical, mental and emotional constitutions that get out of whack every once in a while, especially during seasonal shifts.

No matter how spring makes you feel, Sanctuary has practices, teas, room temperatures, and aromatherapy to guide us towards balance anytime we need.

Spring Practice to Feel Centered

Does spring bring out the best in you? Do you thrive in change and experience an increased energy as the days get brighter? And because of that heightened sense of stamina, do you sometimes feel “burnt out?” These suggestions will help ground you in your natural energy by getting the most out of your session without feeling off balance.

Spring Practice to Feel Calm

Does your inner athlete come out to play in the spring, finding yourself more competitive as the days get longer? Do the increasingly wet days aggravate your sense of accomplishment and make you feel stifled? And since this may prevent you from accomplishing what you think you need to achieve, do you sometimes feel “less-than?” Choose the below selections for your next session to find light-heartedness and a sense of pleasure.

Spring Practice to Feel Awake

Does the seasonal change to spring motivate you to increase your daily movement to release the stagnation of winter? Does the built-up congestion sometimes feel heavy, causing lethargy in your body? And with this sluggishness, do you find it difficult to get excited about the growth and vibrancy of the season? These recommendations will inspire you to take advantage of the natural strength and endurance you possess, especially during the spring.

No matter what your body and mind need during the spring, Sanctuary has the elements that you crave to feel in balance.

Need more recommendations? Our docents are waiting and available to answer your questions. Call the front desk at (206) 909-5105 or email them at [email protected].

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