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Benefits of Sound Healing

by Sanctuary Studios on 06/22/2022
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What is sound healing?

Sound vibration - both hearing and feeling - has been used worldwide throughout history as a therapeutic practice to support balance, vitality and well-being. “Sound healing” has been documented in Ancient Greece, Ancient Egypt and Native American Tribes; archaeology has shown that it even dates back to prehistoric times. Musicality is innate to humans, and is widely used throughout the world in ceremonies, rituals, and daily life to support joy, self-expression, and healing.

“We know from quantum physics that everything in the universe including ourselves is vibration. And sound is of course vibration- so we are in a way, made of sound.” ~Jessica Caplan

Why we practice sound healing:

  • Relaxation
  • Creativity
  • Connection
  • Concentration
  • Alertness

Potential benefits of sound healing:

  • Activation of the relaxation response
  • Synchronization of body and heart-mind
  • Assists the body to access the alpha brain waves, which are associated with focus on our inner world, relaxation, and creativity
  • Supports the body in accessing the Theta brain waves, which are associated with meditation and deep rest
  • Helps to clear blockages in the nervous system
  • May improve sleep

Sound Healing at Sanctuary:

  • Enjoy a private space for your sound healing experience.
  • Upon arrival, enjoy a custom blended Miro tea to support how you want to feel: calm, centered, or awake.
  • Select your desired room temperature and aromatherapy.
  • Props are in the room and ready whether you’d like to be seated or reclined. (You can always switch things up during your session.)
  • We offer a variety of experiences to choose from depending on what you need on any given day.
    • Crystal Clarity is a true sound vibration experience that will transport you into the deeper realms of imagination and creativity.
    • Gaia is an audio/visual curation of both reverberating sound and delightful sight that feels like a cathartic clearing of blockages in emotions, mind, spirit, and body, and shifts in creative consciousness.
    • Celestial is another sound bath with visuals that are designed to result in feeling refreshed, centered, and relaxed with a deeper connection to your heart and intuition.
    • Solar is a chromotherapy journey associated with your solar plexus to support a healthy sense of personal power.
  • Enjoy your space for the length of your class and 30 minutes afterward. Linger in your private bathroom, stocked with luxurious Sangre de Fruta amenities to help prepare for re-entry into the outside world.
  • Book your session now.

Sanctuary is the most personal, immersive wellness studio experience in the universe.