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How Private Meditation Spaces Can Help You Achieve Peace of Mind

by Sanctuary Studios on 12/15/2021
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We live in a world where our senses are overworked. Living in a state of overstimulation and being overwhelmed is a common result of our high-demand productivity culture.

That’s why having a private meditation space designated to alleviate the everyday stresses can help you achieve peace of mind. Plus, all the many health benefits that come along with a mindfulness practice!

Most of us are in a constant state of fight or flight mode. This is when our sympathetic nervous system is activated due to a stress response usually caused by an external experience. Our breathing becomes more shallow, cortisol levels spike, we undergo a flash flood of hormones, and our heart rate increases.

Constantly responding from our sympathetic nervous system can cause disharmony in our body and in our lives. When we take time to strengthen our nervous system and allow our bodies to deeply rest, we can handle stress without feeling “fried.”

Intentions are everything:

Intentionally setting up a space that exists solely to promote a sense of well-being can instantly set the tone and help our bodies de-stress. Being able to remove yourself from the workplace, home office, or other high stress environments, and instead enter a calming environment, can instantly shift your mood.

Mindfulness practices require you to show up regularly to see results. Just like lifting weights at the gym, you won’t see the results of your hard work right away. But every day you’re building strength and definition.

You’ll be more apt to show up consistently for meditation, yoga, or sound healing if you have an intentional space that you go to regularly. This is how we create sustainable habits that stick.

Disconnecting can help to reconnect:

Consciously shifting our need to respond to our external environment, and instead turning inward to relate to our internal state, requires us to disconnect… from our phones, Netflix, and endless to-do lists.

We get it, it’s easy to forgo a meditation when you can easily turn on the TV and binge The Office all over again.

The average U.S. adult will spend an equivalent of 44 years of their life staring at screens. We get to distinguish when technology is helping to connect us or distract us from living our most aligned life.

When you have a distinct place to intentionally disconnect from the everyday tech and life related chatter, we get to zero in on our internal state and prioritize healing.

Less Distractions:

Common distractions like social media, e-mails, city noise, may seem minor, but when you add them up over time, they can become detrimental to your emotional well-being. Coping mechanisms are both conscious and unconscious strategies to try and reduce unpleasant emotions.

You may find difficult emotions arise when you turn your attention inward. Our ability to be with those emotions and not distract ourselves with something external, takes a strong will.

When you remove these distractions from an environment, you can more deeply benefit from healing modalities like meditation, sound therapy, and yoga.

Time to recharge by yourself:

Sure, you can invite people into your meditation space, but studies have shown that just as our brains desire social interactions, time alone is necessary to fully recharge.

Constantly being “on” and engaged doesn’t give your brain a chance to relax. Being alone gives our brains and bodies a chance to recharge and restore. Along with minimizing brain activity and overstimulation by creating a soothing environment.

It’s nice to be in a group meditation or yoga class, but it’s good to recognize that solitude is also medicine - sometimes the medicine that we need most. It’s no wonder that buddhists and spiritual leaders alike experience solitude to different degrees in order to help them with their growth and development.

Proper space gives us space:

Creating the proper physical space gives us the mental space we usually don’t give ourselves. So while we want to avoid our usual external distractions, it’s good to create an environment that supports us. For instance, there’s a few things in our control that can help.

Sound therapy:

  • While we want to turn down the noise of the external, sound therapy techniques effectively reduce stress and promote a sense of well-being. Tonal instruments like singing bowls and gongs assist in creating states of deep reflection by influencing brainwave frequencies.


  • Essential oils have been used for their therapeutic benefits for centuries. While each oil has its own unique healing property, the benefits across the board help with managing pain, improved sleep quality, and boosting immunity. It can be a game changer to diffuse essential oils in your healing space.

Temperature Control:

  • Being able to customize the temperature of the space can achieve different results. It’s one less distraction when you’re able to gauge the temperature to fit your unique body preferences. You’ll be able to create a more pleasing experience by being able to adjust the room temperature to suit your liking.


  • This seems like a given, but creating complete privacy is freeing! This allows you to release, move, shake, cry, laugh, and experience your internal state in free-flow. It becomes a no judgment zone. You have the freedom to express yourself fully. This can be healing in and of itself.

The experience is yours…

And yours alone to curate. Once you experience a private meditation room dedicated to your inner healing and spiritual development, you’ll be able to create a more refined practice. Over time, this sanctuary will act as a healthy coping mechanism, one that enables you to reflect, find clarity, and connect more deeply with yourself.

Not everyone can achieve a distraction-free healing environment at home, which is why we offer that space for you. Sanctuary is a private studio experience that promotes exploration of your inner landscape.

At Sanctuary, we’ve curated a wellness experience that is completely customizable to elevate your practice. You can set your desired room temperature, aromatherapy, and soundtrack for an experience that feels just right.

It’s easy to book your session through the Sanctuary app or online and choose the type of experience you desire; whether it be guided rest or energizing movement.

Sanctuary is the most personal, immersive wellness studio experience in the universe.